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Waverunner FAQ

Can just anyone do this?
Any age may ride with a licensed driver.
All drivers born after January 1st, 1988 must be 16 and have a photo i.d. and a boating safety license.
There are two ways to get your boating license. 

  1. take a 25 question temporary exam at our booth before driving. Study guide is provided at the booth. This a state-mandated temporary license good for 1 year.
  2. possess a NASBLA approved boating license
Do you show us what to do?
We will provide everyone with an instructional lesson and demonstration regardless of age or experience level.
Can we go anywhere we want?
We have the largest riding area on the beach and the least amount of boating traffic. We do need to keep you in sight for safety reasons but you may ride approximately a mile in each direction. The boundaries are included in your instructional lesson.

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